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Ronda's reasoning:

I like Spock and Christine as a couple. Christine is good for Spock. Of all the women who have shown romantic interest in Spock, Christine is the only one who has not tried to use him to her own ends. He needs someone to love him unconditionally. Christine does that. And in "The Naked "Time", Christine admits her feelings for Spock while under the grip of a virus. A perfect beginning. :-)

Episodes to take note of:

The Naked Time
Amok Time
Journey to Babel
A Private Little War
Return to Tomorrow


The Dilemma
-- AU story. After being forced into intimacy by the Platonians (TOS "Plato's Stepchildren"), Christine and Spock must cope with an unexpected pregnancy. Spock works to gain her trust as she struggles to carry the baby long enough for it to survive.

Indiscreet Behaviors
-- Spock gets drunk with reprecussions at a party to celebrate the end of the five year mission.

Sting of Mortality
-- answer to the challenge started at the Spock/Christine list: Kill off Christine, how does Spock react? They can be friends, lovers, or bondmates.

Stolen Moments
-- Spock and Christine share some time alone.

Tomorrow and Forever
-- Complications from Henoch's forced melds and Spock's consciousness being stored in Christine's mind have startling consequences....

Where My Answers Lie
-- a sequel to "Indiscreet Behaviors".


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