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Ronda's reasoning:

Tom and B'Elanna are my all time favorite Trek couple. They are made for each other. Tom can handle B'Elanna's Klingon side. B'Elanna has helped Tom become the man he is. Their personalities complement each other. Everytime they are on the screen together, you can see the chemistry they have.

Episodes to take note of:

Season 1 -
The Cloud

Season 2 -

Season 3 -
The Swarm
Alter Ego
Blood Fever
Before and After
Distant Origin

Season 4 -
Day of Honor
Scientific Method
Random Thoughts
Waking Moments
The Killing Game
Vis a Vis

Season 5 -
Extreme Risk
Nothing Human
30 Days
Course Oblivion


Enchantment series

Evening of Enchantment
-- Set in fifth or sixth season. Tom and B'Elanna surprise the crew by announcing they are engaged.

The Enchantment Continues
-- Set in fifth or sixth season. Sequel to "Evening of Enchantment." Tom and B'Elanna's wedding.

Happily Ever After
-- Third in the Enchantment series. Tom and B'Elanna are expecting their first child.

Stand-alone stories

Distant Memories
-- Tom reveals to B'Elanna why he has a fear of enclosed spaces.

Fear and Comfort
-- Set during "Unimatrix Zero". Tom and B'Elanna's last night together before she is assimilated.

Letter from Dad
-- One of two possible letters from Owen Paris to his son.

Letter from the Admiral
-- The second possible letter from Owen to Tom.

Starry Skies
-- an answer to a "Kiss Me" challenge. Co-written with PJs. (WARNING - this story is rated NC-17. Children, do not read!)

Thirty Days and Beyond
-- A look at Tom's thirty days in the brig, and the days that followed his release. (WARNING - this story is rated NC-17. Children under the age of 18, do not read!)

We All Need a Little TLC
-- When B'Elanna's period wrecks havoc with her body and emotions, Tom lends a hand.

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